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Exclusive Agreement with Military Pharmaceutical Laboratory


Exclusive Agreement Between Military Pharmaceutical Laboratory and Noventia Pharma for Rare Diseases in Southern Europe 11/16/2011 9:33:37 AM

ROMA, 11 NOV 2011 RARE DISEASES: The Stabilimento Chimico Farmaceutico Militare (Military Pharmaceutical Plant) and Noventia Pharma committed together to the manufacturing and distribution of life-saving Orphan Drugs in Southern Europe The General Director of the Defense Industry Agency, Mr. Marco Airaghi, and the President and Founder of the Pharmaceutical Company Noventia Pharma, Dr. Massimo Radaelli have signed an important and very innovative agreement designed to the manufacturing and distribution of "Orphan Drugs" aimed at ensuring a continued treatment to the patients affected by Rare Diseases.



Thanks to this agreement, the Military Pharmaceutical Plant of Florence, part of the above-mentioned Agency, the only State Laboratory that has been always committed to the manufacturing of pharmaceutical products also for civilian use, and Noventia Pharma, endowed with noteworthy professionalism, experience and know-how in Rare Diseases, have decided to sinergically work for the health of the patients, in order to make up for serious shortcomings caused by the withdrawal from the market of some pharmaceutical products previously sold by Italian and foreign pharmaceutical companies. It is a joint commitment with also social aspects, aimed to guarantee the production,. distribution and medical as well scientific information not only of Penicillamine and Pergolide (as first drugs ) in different dosages, but also of other "Orphan Drugs", that the Military Pharmaceutical Plant and Noventia Pharma may consider of common interest for the therapy of Rare Diseases in Southern Europe.

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Un’ampia gamma di farmaci innovativi, sia originali che su licenza, appartenenti a diverse aree terapeutiche compresa un’attività specializzata nelle malattie rare. Noventia Pharma si propone come partner di riferimento per l’acquisizione di nuove licenze per il mercato europeo per quelle aziende che non dispongono di reti commerciali in Sud Europa. Noventia Pharma è impegnata nella ricerca e sviluppo di farmaci innovativi per l’area Neurologica, Terapia del Dolore, Oncologia, Immunoiterapia e con un focus particolare per le malattie rare in particolare nel Sistema Nervoso Centrale. 

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